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 Krasnodar region with its resorts has traditionally been a favorite holiday destination for Russians and CIS citizens. In 2015, over 14 million tourists visited the region and the Olympic record of 2014 was broken, when 13.8 million tourists visited it. In 2018, 17 million tourists came here. The mass direction of domestic tourism is here, even in Crimea in 2018 there were almost 3 times less tourists. Krasnodar tourists - is a special group of people who prefer a vacation without agents, guides and package tour programs. Moreover, there is no language barrier, and on the Internet, there are a lot of offers for renting accomodations in the private sector, hotels, sanatoria for different tastes and purse.

Resort Anapa - Krasnodar Territory

So, why do the rest in Anapa attract tourists so much?

Next, let’s consider the pros and cons of vacation in this resort.


1. It is considered the most sunny region of the Black Sea coast of the Russian Federation and the whole of Russia.

2. Abundance of sandy beaches in contrast to other resort towns of the region. There are also pebble beaches in the suburbs and towns near Anapa. The total length of the beaches is over 40 km.

3. Warmer sea water due to the gentle shores and shallows, which is good for children.

4. The second most popular resort in the Krasnodar region. Traditionally, there are all conditions for a family holiday with young children.

5. Located in 3 climatic zones: the steppe, Mediterranean and mountain.

6. One of the most affordable holiday destinations. Cheaper are only on the Azov coast.

7. The opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant - there are many sanatoriums and health resorts.

8. Three water parks and attractions for children: Golden Beach, located near the central town beach of Anapa, Tiki-Tak in Djemet on Pioneer Avenue and the water park Olympia in Vityazevo.

9. Transport accessibility, own airport, railway station, high-quality highways.

1. The Sea is not always clean. Due to the shallow water, when the water is heated above 24 ° C in July and August, the sea begins to bloom. There is also an abundance of waterweed. At the beginning of the season, there are no such problems.

2. The issue of municipal sewerage has not been resolved, and flows through the rivers into the sea.

3. Like the main Krasnodar resort during the peak season Anapa is teeming with tourists on the beaches, embankments and restaurants. For quite holiday you better to go to the suburbs on the wild beaches.

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