Partners – is the manager and marketer for professional selling of travel services through the Internet.
Why Work With Us?
We do not take commission from the orderPayment for services is made by subscription, the cost of which is only from 27 to 45 rubles per day (depending on the type of service and subscription period).
Simple and convenient servicePossibility of manual search of new orders through the system of filters, and automatic notifications by e-mail and SMS.
Save your timeWe are constantly working to ensure that client orders are the most informative, complete and understandable for partners. For any clarifying questions from customers, you instantly receive notifications via email and SMS.
Multi-vector natureThe search and order receiving can be done on several kinds of tourist services. The site provides search services and booking of individual and group transfers, excursions, car and bus/minibuses rental, yachts and motor boats, two-wheeled vehicle rental. Especially for those partners that combine different types of activities, we are giving an opportunity to provide as one or several types of services.
MultilingualThe platform interface allows you to correspond with customers in Russian, English or Serbo-Croatian languages!
Promoting your services on the InternetUser-friendly interface of your personal account will help you to create the "selling" tourist services in the form of your own public web page. We take care of its promotion in search engines, social networks and on the websites of our partners.
Instant bookingWhen the client is booking your offer, you instantly receive his contact details, and he is yours. In addition, the notification of the fact of booking is sent to you by e-mail and SMS.
1. Register Register on-line as an individual or representative of the company (the contract is not needed).
2. In your personal account complete your profile, enable required e-mail and SMS notification (free of charge). Select the type / types of services you provide.
3. Using the interface, and follow the prompts to fill in the required fields, and add interesting information for users in cards / service profiles. The quality and uniqueness of the information will allow customers quickly make their choice. Submit your photos and videos!

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