Tips for partners


Provide full information in your profile

Do not leave blanks. Tell us about your experience, knowledge, services provided. Being a part of the tourist business, you know that only high-quality and unique information can interest and attract tourists. For those who organize guided tours, there are special sections that allow describing the nature features, culture and national traditions of those places you are working in.


Use multimedia files

Indeed, seeing once is better than hearing twice! The service allows you to place on your page not only text material, but also a photo (and later video). Show your customers your best technique and beautiful natural places. Moreover, you can instantly load these materials directly to the customer's order page! Rational use of Photoshop is not prohibited :)


Be the first to offer your price

Placing the bid the first, you greatly increase your chances of getting your order! There are cases when customers need to find the contractor quickly. Enable and configure free e-mail and SMS notifications in your personal account - it will allow you to respond quickly to new orders, even in places with poor/no Internet connection.


Place reasonable prices

Do not put excessively high or low prices for your services. Excessively high or conversely low prices can scare off the clients and force them to look for other offers. Please remember that by offering a bid, you state the full cost service, and if you refuse to fulfill the order, the customer will be entitled to leave a negative feedback on you.


Simplify communication with customers

In the settings of your personal account select the messengers that you use and in the event that the client approves you as an executor, he instantly receives this information. By default, if the messengers are not specified, the customer will see only your phone number and e-mail address.

We wish you many good orders and satisfied customers!