About the project

Our team has been working in the tourism service since 2010, we love our job and do love travelling around the world. The idea of creating this project was born a long time ago, and the last objective trends in the tourist community only strengthened our desire to bring this idea to life. Despite the globalization of the world economy and the tourism industry in particular, a growing number of tourists are not satisfied with the "common package offer" and tend to organize their holidays themselves.

Experience shows that when arranging their travel people want to discuss all the nuances not with the faceless manager, but with the particular Contractor of tourism services that will take into account all their wishes and forget nothing. In practice, it turns out that while the application of the tour operator or travel agency manager gets to the final contractor, it often misses some of the details, but "acquires" commissions, which are eventually paid by the customer. And, it comes to such popular tourist services in different countries as taxi - transfer, bus and sightseeing tours, car rental without a driver etc.

We know and believe that in every country and region of the resort you can find the travel services of good quality and at affordable prices! Figuratively speaking, creating helper.travel project, we set ourselves the task of making tourism with a "human face", in which rest and travelling around the world would have been for the people a little bit better, easier and cheaper.

The word “helper” in the domain name was chosen deliberately and speaks for itself: To help people, and together with the professional domain zone “travel” form our site mission – to help people travel. Our team is constantly working to ensure that the project is useful during your travel, both in Russia and throughout Europe. It does not matter whether you are on vacation, a business trip or simply move from point A to point B, use the assistant helper.travel and save your time and money!