If you are going to vacation, holiday, business trip or planning a wedding, many of you have probably experienced many hours of searching for the correct transport and tourist services through search services on the Internet. The tasks users want to solve can be divided into 3 categories:

Pricean important part, since no one wants to pay more;
QualityMany will say that quality corresponds with price, but it is not always the case;
ReliabilityWe want to be sure that the contractor is reliable and do not want to risk ourselves, nor our relatives or our time.

What do we get. Above of search pages ther is the first contextual advertising, which is not always corresponds with our request. Next goes the relevant thematic sites. In the first place always come various on-line brokers and well-known sites of leading companies in this segment in a particular region.

Online brokers sell the services of their partners with extra 15-20% and above. Further, on the advanced sites of large companies initially set prices slightly higher than the market, as they carry more direct and operating costs due to the large number of workers, assets and equipment needed. Hence the conclusion that booking services in the top of search engine results will always occur at the upper price range.

After the third search page the relevancy is on the wane, and the user receives less direct response to a request.

But what about the quality and reliability you may ask?

Online brokers usually work with trusted service providers, but the main problem for them is still to sell the service, but then you are dealing with the provider, about whose quality and reliability you know nothing a priori. If we talk about the leaders of the sector, then they look after their image and information about it can be found on their website under "feedback". On the other hand the administrators of these sites always have the right to modify and remove unwanted comments ... Make your own conclusions.

Summing up, we do not want to prove that the usual methods of searching and booking of travel services on the Internet are not suitable. We have created this resource in order to provide users with an alternative to conventional methods of searching and organizing your holiday and travel. Moreover, you can always check, compare and rank by leaving a free order on-line.

The main advantages and differences of the resource:

Save moneyYou are the customer, and contractors are fighting for your order and offering their prices, which only you see. As a result, choose the optimal price for yourself, and your savings could range from 10 to 70%;
Save personal timeInstead of the usual search, use the search "on the contrary" - better you are being looked for and offered the services, and then you choose. It will take only 2 minutes of your time to complete the order;
Trusted feedbacks and ratings......of contractor partners without pre-moderation. Which helps other users to make their choice;
Instant on-line notificationFree SMS and email notifications about new offers from the contractor partners according to your order. Communicate, ask questions and receive answers from the contractor partners;
Multilingual supportWrite in your native language! Information will be clear to all, as the site supports English, Russian and Serbo-Croatian languages;
Quick online bookingWhen booking your contractor-partner selected, you instantly get his contact information, and he is yours.

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