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 To fully enjoy the clean sea, beautiful views of the Crimean peninsula, go to exclusive places and bays, take great photos - you can only rent a yacht or boat in Crimea. If you are resting with a company, then such costs can be quite affordable.

Despite the rather large coastline of the peninsula, there are not very many marinas / marinas here:

  • Sevastopol;
  • Balaklava;
  • Yalta;
  • Noviy Svet;
  • Sudak;
  • Evpatoria

These are the main yacht ports for ordering a charter. In the future, the government promises that there will be many new ones! When ordering a boat, you need to pay attention to where the vessel is "assigned" and choose a suitable one closer to the place of its deployment in order to minimize the cost of transfer to the starting point. The sailing route can be suggested by the yachtsman himself or his own version is offered.

Yacht rental can be for a day, for several hours or for several days, a week. The latter option is more called a charter and can be with or without a captain (skipper). Floating in cards. means the basic conditions of the lease are indicated.

Rent of yachts and boats in Crimea with and without a captain

Prices for renting yachts and boats in Crimea

Depending on the lease term of the vessel, in order to see the cost, you need to do the following:

  1. For 1 day or several hours (usually up to 8 hours) → select the "hourly rental" tab → specify the type of vessel, start city and rental hours → click "apply";
  2. Charter for a week or several days → select the "yacht charter" tab → set the start and end dates of the lease, the city where the charter starts → click "apply"

If the price has not been formed in the card of any yacht or boat, then you can write a message to the owner with a question via the built-in online chat.

Seven feet under the keel!

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