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Seaport in Sochi

Sochi - seaport

The Krasnodar region, where is the best place to relax on the Black Sea? Which resort suits best your needs for price, quality and availability of the infrastructures? Let’s consider the pros and cons of vacation in Sochi and its districts: Adler, Lazarevsky, Khost and nearby villages:

Pros Cons

1. They are a part of a so-called "Big Sochi" - the main resort area of the Krasnodar region, stretching along the sea for 105 km.

2. The opportunity to visits the towns and villages of Sochi, that are closely located from each other. Shuttle buses, minibuses, many network taxis.

3. The unique mountain forest landscape, the zone of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, the virgin Kolkhida forests are combined with tropical vegetation. No wonder Sochi is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

4. Not only rest, but also health treatment - there is a large number of sanatoriums, health camps. Prevention and treatment of the heart, blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, digestive system diseases.

5. The largest selection of individual and bus tours in Sochi and the surrounding area. There are many water parks, an aquarium and a Riviera park, Arboretum Cable Car, canyons, etc. Located near the border with Abkhazia, where many popular tours are organized.

6. Transport accessibility - the airport in Adler, the railway station in Sochi, bus stations.

7. The most developed tourist infrastructure. Any kind of tourism could be found here.

8. There is a night life with sufficient number of entertainments for young people.

9. It is suitable for both family and couples vacation. It is a popular honey moon destination.

1. High prices, especially in Sochi. In the nearby popular villages of Loo, Lazarevskoe, Dagomys, Matsesta, Hosta and etc. prices are lower.

2. Central Sochi is a noisy place and for those who want peace and quiet holiday it is better to choose a suburb or even other places.

3. In all of Big Sochi, the beaches are only pebbly, with the exception of the Adler district, there are both pebble and sandy beaches. The beaches are mostly steep, which is not very good for children.

4. At places where Mountain Rivers flow in the sea (e.g. Adler) the sea water is dirty.

5. In high season, there are a lot of tourists. Better come in June and September.

Have a look at the most popular Sochi’ places of interest in our short video guide:

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