Tourism in Gagra (season 2021)

Gagra (Abkhazia) - recreation, beaches, attractions

This is the nearest from Sochi (Adler district) abkhazian resort

 Accommodation of tourists  in Gagra 2020 is more than diverse: in addition to numerous boarding houses, there is a great deal of accommodation in the private sector. The prices for renting apartments are on average 20% higher than in the rest of Abkhazia due to the promotion of this resort. The same with meals, the price for lunch varies from 300 rubles  to 1500 rubles per person, depending on the place.

Promenade and the sea in Abkhazia Gagra

From the price point of view, the advantage of this resort is the relative cheapness of standard sightseeing tours. Prices for tours are lower by 30-40% compared to other towns of the partially recognized republic. Apparently, higher competition among representatives of this business affects the prices. In general, the rest in Gagra is a little cheaper than in Adler, but it is the most expensive in Abkhazia.

Gagra Abkhazia

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