Tips for clients


Do not delay

Practice shows that early orders allow you to draw the best offers from our partners. Recommended period is at least 2-3 days prior to receiving services.


Completely fill in your application for service

It won't take much time. Fill in all the fields and pay attention to the screen tips. The more complete and informative application will be, the faster and more accurate our partners will be able to determine the cost of the service and make you an offer. If you want to change or clarify something, you can always edit or create a new request.


Ask and answer

If you do not understand something or need more details use our on-line message service and leave your comments for contractors right on the order page. For your convenience we set free SMS and email notifications, allowing you to receive information about new bids and offers from our partners.


Use mobile version of the Site

Wherever you are, stay in touch! Use a convenient mobile version of the site on your smartphone or tablet and follow the news.


Do not prolong with your decision

The best offers on the market are short term and may lose relevance. Therefore, we recommend you to book in a timely manner.


Share your experiences

When service's been provided, leave a feedback on a contractor partner, thus you can help others to make their choice. Enjoy your travels!